MPact Health Care Innovation

MPact Health Care Innovation Proposal: Bridging the Past and Future for a Healthier Minnesota

135 Years of Caring for Minnesotans

This January, the University announced the “MPact Health Care Innovation” proposal,  which will:

Minnesota Health care
Advance the discovery and innovation of health care solutions for Minnesotans
Provide critical medical access to all members of our society
Strengthen clinical partnerships with health care providers statewide

Here is the core of our vision:

#1 World Class Academic Health System

The University wants to ensure Minnesotans have access to a first-rate academic health system, bringing them the benefits of integrated research, teaching, and top-level care. 

#2 University Governance and Control

To provide a world-class academic health system, the University must own, govern, and control campus facilities. The facilities are: the University of Minnesota Medical Center - East Bank and West Bank, Masonic Children’s Hospital, and the Clinics and Surgery Center. The University leads the delivery of care in these facilities, with cutting-edge solutions to advance the well-being of all Minnesotans. 

Campus Map Future

#3 Opportunities for Strategic Partnerships

The University seeks opportunities for partnerships and relationships with health systems that will allow us to maximize our mission-focused impact for the state. These partnerships are essential to our role as a state land-grant University seeking to bring benefits to all Minnesotans, and it also supports our teaching and research missions.

#4 Future: New State-of-the-Art Hospital

The current hospital facilities on the East and West Bank are old. We need a newly designed state-of-the-art hospital complex on the East Bank to move clinical and academic health forward for the next 50 to 100 years. We have been prudently acquiring the land for this investment for years. Since planning and construction will take five years or more, we must begin now to secure the necessary public funding, to assess community needs, and to plan the facilities that will support our top-ranked Medical School and health sciences, as well as the people of Minnesota.

Campus Rendering by Cannon Design

#5 Now: Investment in Current Facilities

In the next five to ten years, our faculty and patients need well-functioning facilities. The University will seek State and community investments to upgrade the University flagship assets to “bridge” the present to the future and ensure a successful transition to a new hospital.